Touch Typing Volunteer Program

Welcome to the Touch Typing Volunteer Program!

Please take a few moments to fill out the following form to join our program and start your journey towards improving your touch typing skills. Your responses will help us understand your typing background and preferences, allowing us to assign tasks that align with your skill level and interests.

By participating in our Touch Typing Volunteer Program, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Skill Enhancement: 

Gain practical experience and improve your touch typing proficiency through real projects and assignments.

Expert Feedback:

Receive valuable feedback and guidance from experienced touch typists to refine your technique and increase accuracy.

Practical Application:

Work on assignments that simulate professional scenarios, enabling you to apply your touch typing skills in real-life situations.

Personalized Assignments:

Tasks will be tailored to your skill level and interests, ensuring a challenging yet enjoyable learning experience.

Community Support:

Connect with a vibrant community of touch typing enthusiasts, share insights, and learn from others on our dedicated online platform.

Flexible Schedule:

Volunteer at your own pace and choose assignments that fit your availability, allowing for a convenient and personalized learning journey.

Networking Opportunities:

Interact with like-minded individuals, potentially forming connections and expanding your professional network.

Personal Growth:

Enhance your productivity, efficiency, and confidence by mastering the essential skill of touch typing.


Receive recognition and certificates of participation for your dedicated efforts and successful completion of assignments.

Please fill out the form below to join our Touch Typing Volunteer Program and unlock the numerous benefits it offers: