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Free Typing Lessons

Improve your typing skills with our free typing lessons!

We’re offering two lessons that cover the top row of the keyboard, including letters A, S, D, F, J, K, L and E, I, G, H keys. These lessons are available for printing so that you can practice at your convenience. Please keep in mind that these lessons are intended for personal practice and learning only. Redistribution in any form is strictly prohibited.

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    Please note that these lessons are solely intended for personal use, and you are strictly prohibited from selling or distributing them in any form. If you encounter any issues while downloading the free lessons, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form.

    The lessons provided here are a part of the comprehensive touch-typing guidebook, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons, written by Muhammad Umar. This book features 12 simple lessons that cater to both beginners and professionals, providing valuable tips and tricks to help you learn or improve your touch-typing skills without having to rely on any software. The book also includes finger positioning charts for quick reference and practice lessons that cover all the keys, including alphabets, numbers, and punctuation. By following the guidance in this book, you can break free from the hunt-and-peck typing habit and become a proficient touch typist. Ready to become a typing wizard? Order Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons now and get started!