Free Typing Lessons

Get two free typing lessons for practice and learning which cover top row of the keyboard having letters A, S, D, F, J, K, L and E, I, G, H keys.

You may print these lessons and start practicing and improve your typing skill. Please note that these lessons are meant only for practice and learning purposes. You are not allowed to redistribute any form.

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    Note: You are NOT allowed to sell or distribute these lessons in any form. If you have any problem with downloading free lessons, you may contact us through contact form.

    These lessons are part of Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons: Save 1 Hour Per Day [30 Hours per Month] by Muhammad Umar.

    The book contains 12 simple lessons designed for both beginners and professional. It  will provide you with tips and tricks to learn or improve the touch-typing skill without using any typing software. For quick reference, handcharts are included. The practice lessons cover all the keys i.e. alphabets keys, numbers keys, and punctuation keys. It is one of the best book to quit hunting and pecking habits.