Touch Typist and Two Fingers Typist

Touch Typist and Two Fingers Typist

In this article, I will answer all your queries and clear up doubts about pros and cons of touch typist and two fingers typist.

One of the significant differences between a touch typist and two fingers typist is using a keyboard. In the latter, it is all about your “hunt and peck” approach towards typing with the help of two fingers. The rest of the article sheds light on significant differences between the two-finger typist and touch typist.

Smoothness in Typing

Your mental attention is generally affected and gets split especially when you start typing with two fingers by looking at the keyboard. However, in touch typing, your hands are typically set to designated keys in some particular order, and the movement of each finger is symmetric to reach the letters closest to it. Over time, the sequence and series of movements of your fingers are automatized. This method of touch-typing automatically develops the habit of transforming thoughts into language.

If you want to improve your touch typing by following some books, then Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons by Muhammad Umar is the best solution. This book is full of tips and tricks to improve touch typing, and it has all the positives that will help you be free from cognitive attention.

Speed in Typing

Touch-typing also has plus point over two fingers typing in terms of typing speed because you do not need to look down onto your keyboard in touch typing. This method automatically becomes less exhausting not only for your eyes but also for your back as well. In two fingers typing, you must look at the keys of the keyboard which automatically stresses your attention. But in touch typing, there is no need to look at the keys as all your fingers are placed in symmetric order. Thus, touch typing helps you to generate more speed and pace.

If you are very much into hunt and peck habit and looking to adopt a way to stop it, then the best solution for you is to start daily practice by using all fingers. You can learn more here on using all finger to type.

Correct Spellings

One of the biggest conflicts between touch typist vs two fingers typist is the effect of spelling in their typing. Touch typing also has a positive score in this conflict. When you grasp touch typing, you automatically memorized the position of keys with the help of memory muscles. This way the memory muscles make full use of common patterns in English. Thus, it automatically improves the frequency of vocabulary which leads to fewer misspelled words.

Pick Touch Typing

Most people start with a two-finger typing approach in their typing career due to lack of instructions. But with time, this approach needs to be changed. Also, many people in the hunt and peck approach would love to grasp touch typing due to several reasons. The major reasons behind this hustle are their passion to type fast and smooth without compromising their accuracy.

Faster typing means more professionalism and this goal mend their ways towards learning touch typing. However, this transition is not easy at all because you need to know keys association with fingers. You can learn more about keys association with fingers here. Once you master it, then persistence and dedication are the keys to get success in learning touch typing.


If you are a beginner or someone who is looking to learn about two fingers typist and touch typist, then this article is the best guide for you. This guide will answer all your uncertainties regarding pros and cons of touch typist and two-finger typist. Touch typist is the one which has all the basics covered without compromising speed and accuracy. So, you must always look to adopt options favoring touch typist to achieve perfection in your writing.

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons, provides more tips and tricks to learn and improve touch typing skills.

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