What are the Benefits of Touch Typing?


What are the benefits of touch typing?


The benefits of touch typing encompass faster typing speed and improved accuracy, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced fatigue and potential eye and wrist injuries. To delve into a comprehensive understanding of the advantages associated with touch typing, please refer to the article Introduction to Touch Typing. Nonetheless, we have reproduced a condensed version of the benefits from the aforementioned article for your convenience.

    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Reduced fatigue
    • Time-saving
    • Improved health
    • Enhanced job prospects
    • Increased attention
    • Efficient editing
    • Saving 20-30 hours per month
    • Prevention of repetitive strain injuries
    • (RSI) and inflammation
    • Increased effectiveness
    • Boosted computer proficiency

Touch typing can be highly beneficial for dyslexic children as it provides valuable training that can greatly assist with reading, spelling, and vocabulary development. To gather more information on this topic, we recommend reading the article titled “How Touch Typing Helps in Dyslexia“.

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