How Can I Learn Touch Typing For Free?


How Can I Learn Touch Typing For Free?


You can learn touch typing for free through online touch typing courses and offline software. Popular websites include Typing12 Practice, TypingClub, Keybr,, TypingStudy, Ratatype, and Sense-Lang offer comprehensive courses. For offline learning, consider trying TIPP10, RapidTyping, or KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Software.  Additionally, you can complete the touch typing challenges available on our website.

Another effective offline option is to learn touch typing from a book such as Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons. Although the book carries a cost, it provides a tangible resource to learn touch typing at your own pace and stay on track. This recommended book contains easy-to-follow lessons, including extra lessons for the numeric keypad. It also outlines techniques and strategies to improve your touch typing skills and prepare for your next typing test job.

For additional information and resources, explore the following links.

      1.  Typing 12 Practice 
      2. Typing Challenges: Set 1
      3. Typing Challenges: Set 2
      4. Typing Challenges: Set 3
      5. Blind Touch Typing Challenge
      6. Special Characters Typing Challenge
      7. Capitalization Typing Challenge
      8. Numerical Typing Challenge
      9. Copy Touch Typing Challenge
      10. Dictation Typing Challenge
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