Quit Hunting and Pecking

Quit Hunting & Pecking of Keyboard

If you are having a bad typing experience and suffering from the old traditional style of typing, then this article is a perfect guide for you. 

As the title of this article suggests, I am going to throw cast on how to Quit hunting and pecking habits of keyboarding. Hunting and pecking mainly refer to a typing style, where a person blindly types without memorizing the keys of the keyboard. Stop hunting and pecking is the dream of every typist because it limits one’s abilities.

Who is a Hunt and Peck Typist?

Hunting and pecking of the keyboard refer to the acts of searching for every key and then pressing it with either the index or another finger. In other words, the typist has not memorized the keyboard and so may use only one or two fingers for typing any key on the keyboard, regardless of the key’s position. It is also known It is also known as chicken pecking typing.

Disadvantages of Hunting & Pecking

Before looking at how to quit hunting and pecking, let’s talk about some of the disadvantages of hunting and pecking:

Divided Attention

Hunting and pecking mean typing by keeping your eyes on the keyboard. It always keeps a person entangled towards the keys while he/she wishes to type. It not only draws your attention and forces you to look at the keyboard but also limits the thinking ability because you always look to find characters instead of focusing on work. In this method of typing, a finger can hit any key at any time, which ultimately leads to a lack of typing speed and accuracy.

Spelling or Grammar Errors

When you are typing with two fingers, you will not notice any spelling or grammar mistakes till you have made them. Touch typing allows you to edit and fix any spelling or grammar mistakes as you go. During touch typing, you can easily use the backspace key to fix them.

Things to Do to Quit Hunting and Pecking of Keyboard

Here at Typing12, we have assembled simple things you need to avoid and overcome hunting and pecking of the keyboard:

1. Stop Staring Down at Your Keyboard

It can be extremely tempting to stop staring down at your keyboard. But, to quit hunting and pecking habit, you need to memorize the keys of the keyboard. Touch typing can be your biggest campaigner in quitting hunting and pecking. Always keep your eyes on the screen and try to hit the right keys.

2. Learn Touch Typing

Touch typing is supposed to be a very effective way of typing which can help you to quit hunting and pecking of the keyboard with little investment of time. There are several options where you can learn touch typing. If you are looking for a book to learn touch typing to quit hunting and pecking then the best option for you is ‘’Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons’’ by Muhammad Umar. It has 12 simple lessons with all the fundamentals of typing. We have compiled the three best ways to learn touch typing in the article. 3 Ways to Learn Touch Typing.

3. Type Daily

Typing daily will help you to cover your weak links. Try to select a particular time of  day for daily practice. Do not overburden the stuff. To quit hunting and pecking, you need to learn and practice new skills. The more you practice the faster you will manage to stop hunting and pecking habits.

4. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts is not only be very handy to make your life easier but it also helps to quit hunting and pecking habits. In addition to this, utilizing keyboard shortcuts also increases speed typing speed and accuracy.

5. Put Stickers on Key Labels

Put stickers on key labels to hide them. This can be extremely handy for two fingers typists. If you are one of them, you stop hunting and pecking habits by putting blank stickers on key labels. So, they could be out of sight. And ultimately it will help in quitting hunting and pecking.

6. Use a Timer (Stopwatch)

Use a Timer maybe a stopwatch to give yourself a challenge. Challenging yourself can be useful in quitting the habit of hunting and pecking. For this purpose, you can use a stopwatch. It will keep you active while typing. Set a time interval for typing a specific text and try to complete the typing task within the specified time interval. You will feel more alert towards achieving your goal on time. A timer will also help in increasing the typing speed with new typing habits on board.

7. Play Typing Games

When you look to adopt new typing habits, there is a possibility that you get bored. Typing games can keep you in the game with excitement and thrill. There are several typing games available on the internet. TypingRacer is one of the best online platforms in this regard. You can enter in a typing race competition, practice or race with your friends. Similarly, Typing.com/games also contains several useful typing games. Typing games are interesting ways to improve typing speed and accuracy. In addition to this, typing games are tailored to stop the hunting and pecking habits of the keyboard.

8. Take Typing Tests

Take serious typing tests to quit Hunting and Pecking of Keyboard.  If you are worried about typing speed after adapting new typing habits, then there is no need to be worried. The typing tests can help you to achieve your speed and gear in typing. Typing speed test will help you determine speed and accuracy after adapting to touch typing. Visit our dedicated page at Typing12.com/practice where you can take a free typing test to check speed and accuracy under 1 minute  Checking your typing speed before and after you have managed to quit hunting and pecking of keyboard put on the track and help you in the decision to what do next. 

9. Stay Strong and Do not Give

Stay Strong and Do not Give Up till quitting hunt and Peck of keyboard. In this regard, patience and persistence are the only keys to quitting hunting and pecking. You will have to adapt to new typing habits. This can be a struggling time for you. But you need to hold yourself for long-lasting and better results.


These days, people want to type faster than a machine. If your typing approach is not good, then you can only dream of fast typing speed. But not anymore because this article is the perfect guide for you. You can overcome the bad habit of hunting and pecking by adopting a new and practical typing method. Typing tests and games can also be convenient for this purpose. This article has some fundamental techniques, which can help you in quitting hunting and pecking.

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons, will help you quit the habit of hunting and pecking the keyboard. It includes simple 12 lessons which are easy to learn and follow.

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