Touch Typing Tips

Some Tips While Touch Typing

On this page, you can learn some tips and tricks to learn and improve your touch typing in short period of time.

1. Don’t Look at Your Fingers

When setting for touch typing position your fingers on the home row. Once you have done so, don’t look at your finger. Looking at your fingers will drastically decrease your typing speed as well as accuracy.

2. Place Fingers Over the Home Row

When typing a letter from the top or bottom row, you will definitely take up or bring down your finger to the responding key on the top or button row. But make sure to relocate your finger over its home key immediately. Leaving a finger on the wrong key will lead to typing errors and reduced typing speed.

3. Don’t Look at Screen

If you are typing from paper, it is important to not look at the screen. If you  are addicted to looking at the screen frequently, it causes you to relocate the paragraph and sentence from where you were typing. Which in turn decreases your typing accuracy and wastes the time.
In addition to this, looking at the screen also degrades typing accuracy because when you see an error you will be curious to fix it on priority.

3. Type Daily

Typing daily will help you to cover your weak links. Try to select a particular time of  day for daily practice. Do not overburden the stuff. To quit hunting and pecking, you need to learn and practice new skills. The more you practice the faster you will manage to stop hunting and pecking habits.

4. Avoid Too Much Typing

Too much typing, is also not good for physical health and performance. If you are typing with an average speed i.e. 30 WMP (Words Per Minute) for more than 2 hours you will feel tired and itching. At the same time, your finger will start hurting. If you are doing a typing job, make sure to complete your daily typing task in different intervals of time. For example, do about an hour typing and take a small break and then start again.

5. Take Regular Breaks and Eye Exercise

Take regular breaks, this will reserve your physical health and future performance. Someone has said it right that health is wealth. If you are healthy you can earn wealth and do improve your living styles. In this regard, eye exercise is equally important. Here is a simple exercise for the eye, after every 20 minutes look at far objects for 20 seconds.

6. More Tips

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons,  provides you with more tips and tricks to learn or improve your touch typing skills. For quick reference, hand charts are included. The practice lessons cover all the keys i.e. alphabets keys, numbers keys, and punctuation keys. Aside from practice lessons, it also includes a bonus lesson for numeric keypad. It is the best book to quit hunting and pecking habits.

Order your copy of Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons: Save 1 Hour Per Day [30 Hours per Month] today to brush up on your typing skills.


To summarize, in this article, we have pointed out some quick tips and tricks for learning touch typing.

The first tip is not to look at your fingers because it decreases typing speed and accuracy. For excellent speed and accuracy, place your fingers over the home row with an extension of taking up or bringing down to typing letters from the top or the bottom row.

The next tip is to avoid too much because it is not good for your health. For optimum performance, complete daily typing tasks in different intervals of time. The last but not least, take regular breaks, for physical fitness and future performance. In this regard, eye exercise is equally important. As eye exercise, after every 20 minutes of typing, look at far objects for 20 seconds.

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