Home Row Words

73 Words can be Typed With Home Row Keys

Do you know that about 73 meaningful words can be typed using only Home Row Keys? This means you can type these words using only the a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k,  and l keys.  

Home Row 73 Words / Middle Row Words

The home row, which is also referred to as the middle row, is comprised of the letters a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, and l.

Notably, one of the eight-letter words that can be typed using the home row is “ashfalls,” which is the plural form of “ashfall.” 

As defined by Dictionary.com, “ashfalls” denotes “a rainfall of airborne ash that arises from a volcanic eruption.” It is advisable to practice typing the provided list of words as a means of mastering the home row keys.

We recommend typing the provided list of Home Row Words as a practical exercise to improve proficiency in typing using the home row keys.


To practice typing these words online, you can utilize our dedicated Typing App available at Typing12.com/practice.

After visiting the aforementioned link, please click on “Home Row Words” located on the sidebar under the “Typing Lessons” section, as illustrated in the figure below. You can then proceed to type the displayed words in the designated text area. 

You can also practice these words online by using our dedicated app at Typing12.com/practice.


In summary, this article has enumerated 73 words (referred to as Home Row Words or Middle row words) that can be typed using only the Home Row keys.

The Home Row, which is also known as the Middle Row, comprises the letters a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, and l. 

Notably, the longest word that can be typed utilizing the Home Row / Middle Row is “ashfalls,” which denotes “a rainfall of airborne ash that arises from a volcanic eruption.”

To enhance one’s proficiency in typing Home Row words, we recommend utilizing our online platform available at Typing12.com/practice. Simply navigate to the sidebar and select the “Home Row Words” option to access the relevant practice materials.

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