What Are the Most Common Touch Typing Finger Positions?


What Are the Most Common Touch Typing Finger Positions?


For touch typing, the most common touch typing finger positions include the home row position (ASDF JKL;), the top row position (QWERTY), and the bottom row position (ZXCV). It’s important to use the correct finger for each key and to develop muscle memory for your fingers. Initially, place your fingers over the home row keys (i.e., ASDF and JKL;) and move your fingers up when typing from the top row and bring them down when you need to type from the bottom row.

Common Touch Typing Finger Positions  by Home Row On Keyboard

To delve deeper into understanding keyboard finger positioning, we suggest exploring the following resources/articles.

If you’re still feeling confused or concerned about how to place and practice certain keys on the keyboard, we recommend our best-selling book, “Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons“. This guide leads you through 12 easy-to-follow lessons, offering practical insights into touch typing. Notably, the book includes lessons on the numeric keypad, a unique feature distinguishing it from other touch typing resources. For quick reference, keyboard finger charts are also provided.

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