15 Ways To Improve Your Typing Skills For Office

15 Ways To Improve Your Typing Skills For Office

In today’s article, we are going to discuss 15 ways to improve typing skills. Typing quickly and properly is more vital than ever in today’s highly competitive world. Here are 15 ways to help you if you’re trying to get better at typing for work.

1. Use a Quality Keyboard

A good keyboard can make a big difference in your typing speed and accuracy. Here is our hand-picked list of mechanical keyboards for extremely comfortable and fast typing. A mechanical keyboard is mainly identified by the key switch it employs which provides the sensation and feedback that standard keyboards do not. 

2. Use a Large Print Keyboard

Large print those keyboards are high color-contrasted with large-sized letters and number s keys. The large print makes them easier to see and reduces eye strain and tiredness. They build interest in typing and improve typing skills. You can read more about large print keyboards here

3. Position Your Hands Properly

Place your hands in the proper position because proper hand placement will help you type more quickly and accurately. Curve your fingers but not too much. You will need to raise your fingers to type from the top row and bring them down to type from the bottom row. In the case of a laptop, you may need to raise more because the keys on a laptop are closer together, and the keyboard itself is flatter. Click here to read more on how to position your hands on the keyboard.

4. Type Using All Your Fingers

Using all your fingers while typing can help you to type more quickly and accurately. You will do more in little time. Furthermore, using all fingers reduces the risks of RSI and other common health problems.

5. Learn Touch Typing

Touch typing is supposed to be a very effective way of typing which improves your typing skills with little investment of time. There are several options where you can learn touch typing such as typing practice sheets. If you are looking for a book to learn touch typing to quit hunting and pecking then the best option for you is “Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons” by Muhammad Umar. It has 12 simple lessons with all the fundamentals of typing. We have compiled the three best ways to learn touch typing in the article. 3 Ways to Learn Touch Typing.

6. Don't look at the keyboard

Avoid looking at the keyboard as it slows down your speed and makes you more likely to make mistakes. For this, you need to memorize the location of keys on the keyboard. You can learn more about it in the article Quit Hunting and Pecking.

7. Type in short intervals

Typing for long periods of time can fatigue your hands and slow you down. Short and frequent typing sessions can help you maintain your speed and accuracy. Therefore, it is recommended to type in short intervals for best results and improvements.

8. Take a Typing Test

Taking a typing test can help you identify the areas where you need to improve and also track your progress over time. In addition to this, typing speed test also assists you to determine speed and accuracy after adapting to touch typing. Visit our dedicated Typing Speed Test Typing12.com/practice where you can take a free typing test to check speed and accuracy.

9. Use a Typing Practice Program (App)

A practice typing program such as Typing12 Practice (Typing12.com/practice) can help you improve your speed and accuracy by providing immediate feedback on your progress. Typing12 Practice provides specific exercises on the Home, Bottom, and Top rows.

10. Type With Purpose

When you’re typing, make sure you’re focused on what you’re doing and not letting your mind wander. This can help you avoid making mistakes and can also help you to type more quickly.

11. Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself can help you track your progress and keep you motivated to improve your typing skills. In the case of typing practice, select a particular hour each day when you practice typing on your keyboard and try different methods of practice sessions.

12. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The more you practice typing, the better you’ll become at it. Doing daily typing practice will help you improve your typing skills. Try to select a particular time of day for daily practice. 

13. Be Patient

Be patient with yourself, when you’re typing, make sure you’re focused on what you’re doing and not letting your mind wander. This can help you avoid making mistakes and can also help you to type more quickly. You can read more about how to stay patient in the article Don’t Rush into Touch Typing.

14. Seek Feedback

Ask a friend, family member or co-worker to watch you while you are typing and to give feedback on your typing speed and accuracy. It a fact of matter, human being become nervous when typing in front of other people.  Don’t fear while working in the presence of a boss, executive, or co-worker. They are also human beings like you, except for other positions. To err is human; It is normal if you make typos or can’t reach a certain accuracy while working beside your boss, manager, or work-fellow. You can read more about it in the article Getting Nervous When Typing.

15. Reward Yourself For Progress

Pat yourself on back and celebrate your milestones as you achieve them to reward yourself for all your hard work in improving your typing skills! This builds interest and motivate you to further improve your typing skills.


In this article, we have listed 15 ways to improve your typing skills for office work. For a quick review, they are hereby reproduced in the list below. 

    1.  Use a Quality Keyboard​

    2.  Use a Large Print Keyboard​

    3.  Position Your Hands Properly ​

    4.  Type Using All Your Fingers​

    5.  Learn Touch Typing​

    6.  Don’t Look at the Keyboard​

    7.  Type in short intervals ​

    8.  Take a Typing Test​

    9.  Use a Typing Practice Program (App) ​

    10.  Type With Purpose ​

    11.  Set Goals​

    12.  Practice, Practice, Practice! ​

    13.  Be Patient ​

    14.  Seek Feedback ​

    15.  Reward Yourself For Progress ​

Let me know in the comments, if you have improved your typing skills by any other way. It will be our pleasure to include it in this article.

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons, provides more tips and tricks to learn and improve touch typing skills for office.

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